"Tandem is a conference that helps students go beyond the sketchbook and into the world of professional design. Our main goal is to depict the life of a designer and show how product development is a collaborative process between many fields. The conference itself will be broken into multiple workshops featuring different professionals from different disciplines to shed light on their processes.

Throughout the conference, attendees will have the opportunity to meet professionals and students from a variety of locations and programs. Along with lectures and workshops, specific networking events will be planned during the weekend. Join us for good talks, good company, and a good time!"
Leading up to the event: buttons, stickers, goodie bags, raffle prizes, flyers, and a lot of group meetings!
At the event: getting ready, recent graduate panel, guest speakers, drawing workshop by Reid Schlegel, raffle giveaway, and a weekend full of fun!
From left to right: Shannon Gahagan, Matt Napoli, Erica Blair, Matt Selnick, Shane Siever, Louise Sandstroem, Jasmine Mealy, Kristina Walser.
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